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EPDM/Running Track Flooring

EPDM running track is a high performance athletic track system. It is a water impermeable sandwich system where a premix layer is broadcasted with EPDM granules installed on an in situ made base layer of SBR granules mixed with binder. Power Sports Builders provide the ultimate quality running track that is certified by IAAF for national and international usage.
Spary System

Spray System is very economically running track structure of mixed coating track comprising polyurethane compound and fine EDPM granules applied on base of SBR rubber granules and PU binder. This system provides an economical solution for institutuional field trainning facilities with final texture surface. Since there're holes on the surface, people also call this system as perneable athletic running.
Sandwich System Running Track

Sandwich System Running Track is a non-perneable system. The construction consists of a applied and field in with EDPM rubber granules. The sandwich construction can be placed on asphall or concrete base track.
Full PU System

When it comes to track surface, full pour systems are the top of the line. Control, high energy returen, outstanding quality and consistency, high performance, and long lasting durability are just a few of the features that this three layer track system offers. The base layers is one-component polyurethene primer, a middle layer comprised of two-component polyurethane mix witth SBR rubber, and a top layer of polyurethane applied by spraying machine. If you're looking for the best, look no further. Th installation of full PU system is relatively costly when compared to spray coat and sandwich system. However, the payoff is that the surface is much more durabel and requires a less onerous maintenance regine.

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